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Some competing SEO firms would claim that we are committing “business suicide” by not having contracts in place to ensure repeat business from our Melbourne SEO clients. But that is because they do not produce the results that we do, pure and simple. Here at Searchical, we understand what a nightmare it can be to be locked on to an expensive monthly financial “agreement” in return for slow progress and, worse, dismal results.

But Searchical is different. We’ve utilized the absolute best of the best in their respective fields, and the vast array of talent and experience we will unleash upon your website to get it ranked means you will so love the results your business will enjoy from working with us as your Melbourne search engine optimisation firm, you’ll look forward to staying with us over the long haul. We let other competing firms rely on “contracts” to survive. We rely on one thing and one thing only to ensure repeatbusiness from you: RESULTS.


This mission-critical step in effective Melbourne SEO is a science unto itself, and believe us now and hear us later: It goes well beyond looking at crawler-generated keyword “statistics” and seeing which ones are easier ones to rank for.

You see, there are two approaches one can take to Keyword Research. There is the one our competitors take, and it is pretty much summed up in the previous paragraph. And then, of course, there is the one we here at Searchical take: Keyword Research that takes into core account the human element.

After all, this is not about ranking for Google’s “crawlers”. This is about ranking for humans. That is why, the specifically trained consultant at Searchical leaves no stone unturned to come up with only the most potent, ROI-generating, quickly rankable keywords for your business, utilizing, and then going well beyond such traditional “Search” tools as Google Analytics, Adwords, Keyword Planner, SEMRush and Webmaster Tools.


More than just our way of letting you know where you are at in terms of your website’s “SEO-readiness” and where it is currently ranking, a Site Audit is our way of coming up with a virtual “map” of the tasks that need to go into the ranking strategy we’ll be executing for your website. This exhaustive part of our ranking strategy spares no website component that will inevitably affect your ranking, and the talented Melbourne Team of our Search Factory will painstakingly look at such components as site architecture, content, redirects, technical issues and much more.


It never gets old: The thrilling rush of satisfaction we at Searchical feel when we see a website’s ranks improve (sometimes literally overnight) from a few well-calculated improvements in some key onsite factors such as page titles, content, and overall structure. That is why this is among the first tasks that we see to implementing right away, after ascertaining that a website is not suffering from bad backlinking penalty by the search engines.

The difference, however, between how we here at Searchical do it and other firms do it isone key difference: The end user’s experience. We improve such onsite factors such as page title, content and overall structure not just ease of crawling and ranking relevance, but to improve user engagement, and as you will read further down, this is a key consideration for Google in particular when it comes to ranking websites.


When setting sail on the ocean, it is not merely enough to make sure your vessel is seaworthy and in tip-top condition, with engines well-oiled and with enough fuel and resources on board. You’ll also need to survey the condition of the waters and tune into future weather broadcasts before you can strategize for a smooth sail to your destination.

Strategizing for search engine optimization Melbourne is no different. It is not enough to have a website with perfect onsite optimization and a veritable list of backlinks. You need to survey the “battlefield”, and take into account what your competitors are doing to rank for the same keywords you are trying to rank for. This is especially important if you want to avoid the pitfall of “Over-optimization”. This is a key trigger for Google’s suspicions, and here at Searchical, we recognize the importance of optimizing your website just enough to catapult your website past your competitors’ ranks, and doing so in a way that keeps you within the “safety zone” of Google’s radar.


“Compelling”, “Informative”, “Conversational style”, “Well-researched”, “Perfect grammar”, “A minimum of 1,500 words”. These are just some of the yardsticks we use to make sure your website’s page contents meet up and go well beyond industry standards. That’s why we at Searchical are extremely pedantic with the quality of the writers we hire to do the content creation for your website. Only experienced, native speaker writers will do.

We go that extent because, frankly, terms like “SEO content” (even though it is still used by other SEO firms) is obsolete. Things have changed. Content is no longer king. Compelling Content is king when it comes to SEM, as the length of time individual website visitors spend reading a webpage and exploring your website is increasingly becoming one of Google’s most important considerations for website relevance.


Google ranks websites with one mission-critical question in mind: “Will this website add to the user experience?” and to do that, it goes beyond the amount of time individual visitors spend on any given ranked page. How website visitors interact with the content within the website (after visiting it) are also important considerations. To name a few examples: Are they clicking on any buttons? Making any purchases? Leaving any comments? Sharing any article on social media?

But this goes beyond “visitor behavior”. To us at Searchical, it is generating “buyer behavior” that is the ultimate goal, as this is what allows you to meet Google’s stringent standards for end user engagement, while at the same time ensuring that you are actually generating the healthy ROI that makes ranking your website worth all the effort!

To achieve this, at Searchical, we pay very close attention to the following components:

  • Has the website been designed with the visitors “visual experience” in mind?
  • Are the calls-to-action exciting, compelling and clear enough?
  • Does the purchase funnel of your website follow a smooth transition from the “add to cart” button to the delivery or confirmation page?
  • Has the website’s design taken into account mobile-friendliness? (This is particularly important as increasingly, more and more people are using mobile devices to browse).
  • Are your contact details (including any phone number, email or postal address) within reach?
  • Would said contact details allow you to be readily accessible within reasonable hours (by phone or email) should your visitors need your help?

After we take these components piece by piece and identify improvements we can make, we tap into our long and veritable experience with “Optimization best-practices” and implement the necessary improvements to ensure maximum ROI.


This highly beneficial tool, provided by the good folks at Google, is among the very first things we check and make sure your website has in place, and we take care to set it up for you if you do not have it already or you do not have login access to it.

The reason why we’re this cautious with making sure that it is in place is because it provides some invaluable statistics about your website visitor’s numbers and the percentage of those visitors that converted into customers. From these insights, we can strategize more effective Conversion Optimization plans and even SEO services that will increasingly make your website competition-proof!


Gone are the days when important online marketing tasks such as sitemap submission, crawler status check-ups and timely, SEO-affecting error identifications had to be done manually separately. The good folks at Google have been kind enough to provide us Melbourne SEO services providersand our webmasters with a very useful all-in-one tool called Google Webmaster Tool (GWMT) to make implementing all these changes a breeze. We take care of this so you (or your webmaster) don’t have to.


Backlinks continue to be, without question, among the most important factors that search engines in general (and Google in particular) take into consideration when determining the relevance – and therefore the subsequent rank – of a webpage for a search term.

Why? Because backlinks – which are links from other websites pointing back to your website – are considered like “votes”. The more of these “votes” you have (provided certain key rules are followed), the greater the relevance of your page to the search terms you wish to rank for in the eyes of the search engines.

Speaking of rules, not all backlinks are creating equal. Some can produce rapid rankings, while others can blast you out of the “results” page and cause your competitors to take your spot.

At Searchical, we’ve learned all the pitfalls, and have perfected some potent strategies for generating ultra-successful backlinks for all your ranking needs! What follows is a list of just some of the methods we use to generate very powerful backlinks to your website that make up the core of our Melbourne digital marketing efforts.


Probably the most underestimated and sadly underutilized method for generating backlinks, Melbourne SEO firms that do not know any better (unlike Searchical) tend to avoid them altogether, which is ironic, as not only do they take very little time to create compared to other back-links, but are also increasingly becoming very credible in the eyes of the major search engines, such as Google.

So what are they? Think: True Local, Yellow Pages, Yelp and many more. These are places that web browsers continually use to look for the services they wish to hire very regularly and, recognizing this, Google has introduced a few algorithmic updates (including the recent “Pigeon” update) to lend even more strength to them.

That is why, where possible and provided local niche directories are a good fit, at Searchical we make the generation of backlinks from these websites as a part of more comprehensive linkbuilding strategy, and hundreds of tests and successes later, we aren’t about to leave out this backlinking method any time soon.


Without question, by far one of the most powerful methods of creating backlinks is through skillful, effective content marketing. Thing is, it can be a tricky platform for link-building. There are many pitfalls, ranging from hiring the right content creators with enough writing, editing or even designing skills, and enough knowledge about the subject matter, to getting in touch with the actual website owners we want backlinks from and having them accept the content you’ve worked so hard to create for their website.

Over the years, we at Searchical have streamlined this method of backlinking, creating a powerful Rolodex of highly skilled writers who are just as competent in researching the materials they are assigned to create for your website, connecting the right dots, and coming up with material many website owners will absolutely love to publish, in exchange for a link back to your website. We’ll take care of this so you don’t have to.

3. Link Outreach

Few link building methods match the effectiveness of this one, but it can get a bit tricky. Unlike other SEO agencies, at Searchical, we abide by a strict “don’t mess this up” policy when implementing this method.

While our competitors take a futile “shotgun” approach, sending hundreds of generic emails to hundreds of websites “begging” for backlinks (and they wonder why they get dismal results, if any), our SEO experts screen only the most credible, most visited and credible websites for backlinks.

Next, we provide them value first, before asking for backlinks to your website. Taking this route is what has allowed us to consistently secure very powerful, rapid rank-producing backlinks for our clients’ websites.

Monthly Reports

Wouldn’t it be nice to be kept up-to-date month after month with thorough, accurate reports showcasing how your website Google rankings are progressing along the search engines, complete with statistics on traffic as well as the tasks that were implemented to bring about their increase?

Don’t worry; at Searchical, we’ve got that covered as well! A big part of why Melbourne’s business stay with us over the long haul is because we believe in transparent communication. We treat business owners like business partners, not just “clients”, and that entails keeping them informed and in the loop about the SEO tasks already carried out, and the ones planned out for the upcoming month.

So at the end of every month, we send you reports on your most current search engine placements, stats on the resultant traffic increase, the tasks we carried out the previous month to bring about the improvements, and the new tasks planned out over the next month.

So, if you want a cutting-edge SEO Melbourne strategy that brings results and a flood of new leads for your business, call 1300 899 123 NOW or fill out a form here and let us set you up with the most comprehensive SEO package.