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Gold Coast SEO Services

One of the most enduring factors that contribute to Searchical’s ongoing success as a Gold Coast SEO agency is our ability to accurately assess the work that uniquely needs to go into ranking each keyword. Through taking this approach with literally tens of thousands of keywords spanning hundreds of markets, we’ve come to recognise that a “once size fits all” approach to SEO simply does not exist.

Every market is different, and similarly, every search term within a market is different in terms of ranking difficulty and competition. While other SEO services providers tend to use a “shotgun” approach to executing an SEO campaign, at Searchical we take a sniper approach, zooming in on the unique requirements of each search term for rapid, secure placements at the top of the search results.



Many companies are hesitant to use Gold Coast SEO services because they fear getting bogged down by long-term contracts they can‘t get out of. Imagine the relief and peace of mind business owners experience when we give them all the same resounding “No!” answer to the question: “I am not going to be locked in a contract, am I?”

Look, we get it. “Contracts” is the one word everyone in the business world loves to hate, and for good reason. It can be demoralizing and disheartening when you are locked on to a financial ‘agreement’ with distant expirations many months ahead, and little-to-no ROI to show for them.

That is why, here at Searchical, we have a strict “high ROI, or you don’t have to stay with us” policy. We want our business relationship to be empathetic, transparent and focused on your success. But this goes beyond empathetic rapport building. We can confidently bypass the need for a “contract” precisely because we are that good with our craft. While other businesses rely on locking you into a contract to stay afloat, we at Searchical rely on one thing and one thing only: Results!


When it comes to ranking your website, generating maximum returns, and achieving all that without the time it typically takes other Gold Coast SEO firms, careful, calculated Keyword Research is absolutely critical.

This goes beyond simply looking at crawler-produced statistics. It needs to be done in such a way that allows for a glimpse into the human minds of your market. This last component, in particular, can mean the difference between ho-hum, passive “targeted traffic”, and traffic that is actually engaged and spreading theword about your ranked content (and ultimately, your brand).

That is why we have a dedicated consultant here at the Gold Coast branch of our agency especially trained to utilize a number of resources: Google Analytics, Adwords, Keyword Planner, SEMRush, and Webmaster Tools (to name just a few) to ensure that the Keyword Research is as conducive to both ranking AND maximum ROI for your business as possible.


The hard-working, talented Gold Coast Team at our Searchical spare no effort in making sure literally every single onsite factor meets known Search Engine expectations. We painstakingly dissect your website for every element that can be improved upon and identify issues with site architecture, content, redirects, technical issues and beyond that affect the ease with which you’ll be able to rank your website.


This is among the very first benchmarks we take care of in our ranking strategy for your website, and for good reason. Provided there are no hurdles such as poor backlinking penalties imposed on a website by the search engines, time and again, we have seen significant ranking improvements for our client’s websites (with some taking place overnight) just from taking care of several key onsite factors.

It is often said that “change is the only constant” when it comes to search engines such as Google. Yet, increasingly we are finding that there are some “constants” that Google (among others) continues to look for regardless of the changes in its algorithm, and some key onsite factors remain among them. We improve upon elements such as page titles, content, andoverall structure without compromising (and infact, improving) user experience. Onsite Optimisation with just the search engine crawlers in mind is a mistake we at Searchical don’t intend to make.


Here’s a little industry secret: “Over-optimization” is one of the most common pitfalls even some of the most established search engine optimisation Gold Coast firms constantly fall into when they attempt to rank a client’s website. This is important, as a key component of a sound Gold Coast search engine optimisation strategy is not provoking Google’s suspicions that you are trying to “game” its ranking protocols.

And increasingly, few things draw the ire of Google more than “over-optimizing” your website. Solution? Simple: Competition analysis. This allows us to reverse-engineer what your competitors have done to enjoy their current ranks for various keywords at the top of the search results, and then come up with an optimization strategy that does just enough to go beyond theirs, allowing you to leap-frog past their rankings without raising any suspicion from Google.


Take two pages competing for the same keyword. Let’s say they are both comparable in terms of onsite optimization and the number of high-quality backlinks, but with one key difference: One of the two has ho-hum, lifeless, boring content that has website visitors clicking the “back” button within seconds of reading the first few lines of content.

The other has well-written, researched, compelling content that commands attention from the first paragraph to the fifth, allowing for longer visitor stay. Which of the two pages do you think Google would look at more favorably for top spots even on the first page? Which of the two pages do you think would enjoy a longer-lasting Page 1 placement without being pushed further down the ranks? If your answered “second”, you are right!


User engagement is everything, and we at Searchical SEO firm expend every effort to make sure the contents for your ranked web pages meet the industry standard of a minimum of 1,500 words, written in compelling, flowing and informative style by a native English speaker. This is our way of not only securing quick Page 1 Google rankings but making sure they stay there through constant user engagement!

Yes, Searchical specializes in making your website’s search engine placement “competition-proof”. But that is not where we stop! We rank your website – ultimately – with one thing in mind: A healthy return on your investment with SEM.

We recognize that you are in this for more business, and not the visual appeal of “higher ranking”. It’s pointless to spend time developing a Gold Coast digital marketing campaign that generates thousands upon thousands of monthly visitors to a website only to get a return on investment that isn’t much to write home about, and that is why, what we call “Conversion Optimization“, is a key component of ensuring long-term business success.

To that end, we take into account these crucial factors in making sure your visitors turn into actual customers:

  • Does the look of website appeal to the visitor?
  • Are you utilizing a call-to-action that is compelling and exciting enough?
  • Is the visitor’s experience of the buying process – from the cart button to the delivery page – free-flowing and effortless?
  • Is the website mobile friendly? (Increasingly very important as more and more visitors will search from mobile phones)
  • Are your contact details (including email, and phone number and postal address if any) accessible enough?
  • Would your contact details allow you to be readily accessible should your visitors need your help?

This has ramifications as far as the actual website ranking too! Since “user experience” is an important part of Google’s own considerations for ranking any website, how your website visitors interact with your website – the links and the buttons they click, the comments they leave, the “shares” they generate – all have a bearing on your relevance in the eyes of the search engines.


Increasingly, savvy business owners who are interested in buying “Virtual Real Estate” won’t even look at a website without a Google Analytics script in place. Generously provided by Google itself, this extremely useful tool offers great statistics and insight on the number of website visitors at any given time, their behavior on-page, whether they’ve converted into buyers and more, making this an indispensable tool for Conversion Optimization and even for SEO strategizing.

That is why the placement of Google Analytics is one of the very FIRST things we make sure to check out and, in the event that it has not been set up or you do not have login access to it, we take care of that right away.


Another excellent tool provided by Google is the Google Webmaster tool (GWMT for short). This tool makes important tasks such as sitemap submission, checking up on crawler status and timely, relevant error identification that affects search engine marketing much easier, ensuring that the actions we take remain consistently on track with the progress of your website’s ranking.


Once the “Onsite Optimization” parts are taken care of, we finally come to the Holy Grail of website ranking: Backlinks.

What are backlinks, and why are they so important? Backlinks – as their name suggests – are links from another website to yours. The reason why the search engines in general, and Google in particular, lend so much importance to backlinks is because they are considered like “votes”;the more of these “votes” you have, the greater the relevance of your website to a particular search phrase in the eyes of the search engines.

Here’s the thing, though: Not all backlinks are the same. Some have the power to rank your website to the very top of the search engines (often literally overnight), while others can have your website heavily penalized by the search engines unless the necessary precautions are taken in their implementation. Below is a list of just a few of the basic methods we employ to generate potent, rank-producing backlinks to your website.

1. Local Niche Directories

This is one of the most underestimated and therefore underutilized methods for generating backlinks. Gold Coast SEO firms (other than those who know better of course, like Searchical) avoid them, which is sad, considering they are increasingly becoming very credible in the eyes of the major search engines, especially Google.

What are Local Niche Directories? Think: True Local, Yellow Pages, Yelp and many more. The reason why they are becoming credible in the eyes of Google, in particular, is because Google is all about visitor behavior, and people continually use those directory websites to look for the services they wish to hire.

That is why, in alignment with Google’s recognition of browsers’ behavior online (with new algorithm changes like the recent “Pigeon” update lending more strength to local niche directories), at Searchical we too utilize backlinking from these websites as a part of more comprehensive link building strategy, and to very successful effect.

2. Content Marketing

If there is one group of ‘net browsers that loves relevant, compelling content even more than regular website visitors, it’s the website owners! There are even websites dedicated just to hiring niche-specific writers and content providers for this reason.

This marks a great opportunity for generating both powerful backlinks and even some immediate traffic. However, using this particular method of backlinking has traditionally been a painstaking process as it involved creating content (or hiring competent content creators who were knowledgeable enough in your market to create them) that webmasters saw were viable enough for publication.

At Searchical, over the course of many years, we’ve developed a veritable Rolodex of superb content providers that take care of this for you, and with that, make full use of this powerful link building strategy.

3. Link Outreach

This is, without question one of our most powerful link-building strategies, and over the years, we’ve perfected it into an art, doing it differently (and far more effectively) than our competitors. How? First, by being very selective about who we reach for a backlink, screening the websites we ask backlinks from for quality, credibility, relevance and traffic volume.

Second, by providing the websites we choose to ask backlinks from with great value before asking for a backlink to your website for a given search term. This approach is simple, and some might even say “counter-intuitive” because it necessarily entails a smaller number of backlinks. But those backlinks are guaranteed to pack a punch while retaining “naturalness” in the eyes of Google.


A big part of why Gold Coast’s business owners choose us as their trusted SEO experts and Publicity firm is because we are always diligent about keeping them in the loop about the progress of their campaigns, and share the thrill of on-going successes with them as their Google rankings and website traffic continue to rise.

So at the end of every month, we provide ranking and traffic reports with updates on your website’s latest search engine placements, how they’ve improved, the tasks completed for the month that produced those online marketing improvements, and in addition, a list of what is planned for the following month to make those results even better.

These reports are very thorough, and we’ve even had clients who’ve used them to justify the 6 and 7-figure asking prices for websites they’ve successfully sold (and few things give better proof than the multiple Page one rankings we’re able to produce)!

If you’re ready to take your Gold Coast SEO efforts to the next level and start enjoying a steady stream of hyper-targeted visitors to your website, call 1300 899 123 NOW or fill out the form here and let us set you up with the complete engineering SEO package.