Search Engine Optimisation For Plastic Surgeons

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Why Plastic Surgery SEO Is the Most Effective Marketing Strategy for Medical Practices

With the competition in the medical fields of Australia as fierce as ever, plastic surgery practices are looking to squeeze as much as possible out of every lead generation approach possible.

That’s especially true in bigger cities such as Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne, where practices, while in demand, also have more competition than ever, fighting for the attention of the same clients.

Because of this, SEO is becoming an increasingly popular online marketing strategy among plastic surgeons – it allows forlaser-targeted local lead generation, sending already pre-qualified leads straight to the website of the practice.

However, as many plastic surgery offices have already learned, developing a successful SEO strategy can be a difficult and long process, especially without the help of an experienced SEO company at your disposal.

In fact, many have deemed SEO for surgeons ineffective simply because they did not have success with it, even though there might have been dozens of objective reasons that contributed to the failure of the campaigns.

Why Choose SEO Over Other Marketing Approaches

There are many ways to generate leads for your practice online, and almost all of them can be effective if done properly.

However, while they may be effective, SEO can still offer benefits that are unmatched by any other approach. Here are a few that make a strong case for why surgeon SEO is a great idea for any practice:

1. It’s Very Cost-Effective

Unlike almost any other kind of marketing strategy, SEO can be incredibly cheap – the cost-per-lead can be tens of times cheaper than with paid advertising methods, simply because once the SEO rankings for keywords are attained, they become basically free and the flow of new leads remains more or less stable as long as that ranking is maintained.

This really can’t be matched by any other means of marketing, as with strategies such as paid ads, banners, or even TV, radio or print ads, you only get leads as long as you pay for them directly, which means that the campaigns have to be continuously tweaked and tested to make sure that they remain profitable.

2. It Attracts People Actively Looking for Solutions

One of the biggest advantages plastic surgery SEO has over other online marketing approaches is the fact that the person sees the medical website after he goes looking for answers to his problem on Google.

So, for someone who is looking for a plastic surgeon in a particular area and types that into a search engine, seeing your practice’s website come up as one of the first results will immediately make it seem that you are the go-to choice in the area.

And, since, according to a study by Ad Week, 81% of online users search for solutions to their problems online, you can be sure that a big majority of your potential clients are already on Google, so you just have to make sure you’re in front of them.

3. You Can Set It and Forget It

While it may be a bit of an oversimplification, the truth is that the bulk of the work to achieve SEO results is done at the beginning.

It does require a lot of research, both of the market and the keywords, and it also requires on-site and off-site optimisation, but after the initial work is done and the website reaches a certain ranking, there’s much less effort required in order to keep the ranking.

That means that, after the initial work, plastic surgeon SEO can become an incredible lead generation tool that doesn’t require almost any budget or recourses, therefore you don’t need to constantly worry about developing new marketing campaigns.

The Real Power of Cosmetic Surgery SEO

While there’s no doubt that SEO is an incredible tool to become visible online, the biggest question is how to achieve the desired rankings?

With the internet filled with contradicting information about how to approach making your website appear in Google rankings for targeted keywords, it can become difficult for medical practices to approach SEO by themselves.

The good news is that there are tried and tested methods of SEO, which all of the successful and reputable SEO services providers use to help their clients. Google itself tries to educate webmaster about the good practices of SEO through its Webmaster Blog, which can be a great read to anyone who wants to keep track of the changes Google makes to its algorithm and the way it decides which websites to rank.

This means that no shady gimmicks and tricks are required to achieve sustainable SEO results and gain a new, never-ending source of traffic for your website.

And when you realise that there are no magical solutions, just good and bad practices of trying to attain Google rankings, separating the cream from the crop becomes much easier.

So,if you’re ready to start enjoying a steady stream of new customers using the most reliableplastic surgery SEO strategies, call 1300 899 123 NOW or fill out a form here and let us help you get ahead of your competition!