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Newcastle SEO Services

As businesses face steeper competition each year, many are turning to SEO Newcastle to help them reach the local market and break through the clutter.

But just as in other fields, competition in Search Engine Optimisation is as fierce as ever. These days, most businesses understand the importance of getting in front of their audience online and seek to earn their place in the Google rankings.

Therefore, trying to do it on your own or using lacklustre services is no longer optional. Since only a few businesses in an industry can achieve the highly-coveted ranking spots on the search engines, only reliable and time-tested strategies have a shot at making an SEO campaign bring results.

So, before a business can even start to think about achieving results with SEO Newcastle, it has to go out and find an SEO services provider that can actually deliver on their promises.

And that is, unfortunately, where so many businesses fall short.

There’s no shortage of Newcastle SEO gurus and experts, claiming to have the ‘secret formula’ that allows them to bring tremendous results and aninstant flood of customers to their clients. But most of these promises have little to show for in terms of actual results, and therefore many SEO campaigns end up as little more than expensive time wasters for companies.

Old Gimmicks Are No Longer Effective

Recent Google updates have emphasised user-friendliness as a key component of any Newcastle SEO strategy, therefore only tangible and customer-centred approaches can bring results – any gimmicks and quick-fix strategies will no longer be successful.

The days of putting together enough random backlinks in low-quality websites are long gone. While these approaches might have had an effect a decade ago, Google and other search engines are way too smart for them now.

And the same goes for keyword-stuffed content that brings no real value – today’s content has be relevant and informative, and only when the keywords flow naturally as an integral part of the content, will Google consider it worthwhile to be ranked.

Right now, real SEO Newcastle experts focus on making a website easy to use, mobile-friendly and relevant to its audience. This helps to naturally attract the relevant backlinks from authority websites, which is the only backlinks strategy that is still worth investing time into.

What Can Searchical Offer for Your Business

At Searchical, we have a team of SEO experts that have years of experience in providing reliable search engine optimisation Newcastle solutions to maximise the chance of a campaign’s success.

We pride ourselves in following the best SEO practices to ensure that even when the competition gets steep, we are still able to bring steady results, no matter how competitive your niche might be.

When choosing to work with us, you can expect our services to go above and beyond the competition. We provide the complete Newcastle SEO services package which ensures that there are no weak links in your online presence that could potentially reduce the chances of success.

Here’s what you can expect when working with Searchical SEO:

In-Depth Keyword Research

One of the most important aspects of any SEO strategy is the initial research. It is the backbone that dictates all the following steps and therefore requires a diligent and thorough effort.

Many SEO companies try to skimp on the research, partly because of lack of recourses to do it effectively and quickly, and partially because of not being able to meet deadlines of their clients.

But the truth is, incomplete keyword research can doom an entire months-long SEO campaign before it can even get rolling. In fact, some of the misinformation questioning the effectiveness of SEO as a marketing tool stems from poor keyword research, which justproves how important it is.

Our team utilises a number of tools, such as the Google Analytics, Keyword Planner, SEM Rush, and the Webmaster Tool, just to name a few, to ensure that your keyword research is as thorough as possible.

Complete Website Audit

Another essential part of any SEM strategy is a website audit. After all, if a website can’t meet the strict requirements that are set by search engines, it has no chance to rank for any keywords, no matter how sound other parts of the Newcastle search engine optimisation strategy might be.

Before any advanced SEO-related optimisation can take place, matters such as redirects, website architecture, and any potential technical issues must be addressed.

Onsite Optimisation

Onsite optimisation is an area that can make an enormous difference to a website’s position in the Google rankings. If the website has been established for a few years, sometimes the only thing keeping it from attaining higher rankings is poor onsite optimisation.

Some of the key elements of onsite optimisation include quality of content, keyword integration, page titles, meta tags and many more, and all of these are addressed fully and thoroughly by our team at Searchical.

Competitor Analysis

Another aspect of onsite optimisation is in-depth competitor analysis – it allows to see what your competitors are doing right toachieve high rankings. Using this information, we can dramatically improve your website’s value in the eyes of the search engines.

This strategy provides you with a huge advantage and can help greatly increase your rankings in a relatively short timeframe.

Google frowns upon websites that are over-optimised to a level that does not benefit the website visitors, therefore only research of what’s working can help figure out the perfect balance of onsite optimisation, which can differ from industry to industry.

Another huge benefit of this is the competitor analysis is recognising golden opportunities – combining keyword research and competitor analysis helps to find hidden ‘gem’ keywords that are not yet overly-competitive, thus allowing your website to quickly appear in front of a whole new segment of the market, with much less effort than would otherwise be required.

Complete Content Strategy

One of the biggest shifts in the online marketing world came during the last few Google algorithm updates, which heavily emphasised the importance of relevant, high-quality content on websites that wanted to be deemed worthy of being ranked high in the search engine rankings.

Long gone are the days when self-proclaimed SEO Newcastle gurus could just stuff a page on a website full of keywords and expect Google to not be able to distinguish between it and an actual quality website.

The recent updates have provided Google with sophisticated tools that can always determine whether apiece of content provides actual value or is just trying to get higher in the rankings using cheap gimmicks.

Therefore, we at Searchical SEO dedicate a lot of our time and recourses into crafting the highest quality content possible.

This not only helps your website to climb the rankings quickly but also provides great value for your visitors, which, in turn, naturally builds your company’s authority status and can even contribute to an increase in conversions.

Monthly Reports

Transparency is essential in any business, and we want you to know exactly how your SEO strategy is progressing each month – therefore, when working with us, you will receive a monthly comprehensive report on how your website is performing for various keywords.

You will also receive a detailed plan of what will be done in the coming month to make your website continue attaining higher rankings, as well as detailed traffic reports, so you can know exactly how many new leads each month are generated by the SEO campaign.

Link Building

If there’s a term that’s been thrown around too much among the Newcastle SEO agencies, it’s link building. For a long time, it was the holy grail when it came to the ultimate approach for gaining rankings.

And, just as in many aspects of Newcastle digital marketing, it’s not nearly as easy as it used to be.

It’s true, that some years ago it was a completely feasible strategy to build up as many backlinks as possible, and that would result in Google deeming a website worthier of ranking than others.

As you might have guessed, it doesn’t work that way anymore. These days, even millions of backlinks might make absolutely no positive difference if Google deems them to be of poor quality, or irrelevant to your particular website.

These days, only relevant, high-quality backlinks are able to make a difference, but the good news is, this also make each quality backlink that much more valuable.

At Searchical, we use three main approaches for backlink generation, all of which have proven to be very effective over the years, and are destined to be just as effective for years to come.

1. Content Marketing

Perhaps the most reliable and valuable backlink acquisition method of the three approaches is content marketing. And it is very much encouraged by Google because it provides genuine value to the user and helps the search engines distinguish who are the real authority figures in the industry.

Therefore, once again, we come back to the importance of quality content, which is far more than a keyword-stuffed legible combination of words. At Searchical, we have native English writers that have years of experience writing for numerous niches and can provide top-quality content that will not only be loved by the search engines, but provide actual value and useful information to your readers.

The way it works, in essence, is that your content gets syndicated on relevant top-quality websites, which, in return, allows you to gain a valuable backlink that will be seen as very significant by Google.

This, besides the obvious benefit of helping your business grow through search engine marketing, also has secondary benefits, such as audience engagement through third-party websites, strengthening your authority status in the industry and connecting with segments of the market that were previously out of reach.

2. Local Niche Directories

While there is some discussion about the effectiveness of local niche directories for SEO purposes, out experience has shown they can have a very significant positive effect, when used in combination with other backlink generation methods.

Directories like Yelp, Yellow Pages or True Local and others are slowly being recognised by Google not just as a backlink generation tool, but as a legitimate source of information for online users. Therefore, their significance for ranking on Google is growing, and this trend is bound to continue over the coming years.

An added benefit of using the niche directories is that it gives you yet another place for your potential customers to find you.

3. Effective Backlink Outreach

Finally, we take pride in our backlink outreach strategy because we believe it’s one of the most important areas where we differ from most other SEO companies.

It is a common practice to simply send out thousands of desperate emails asking to provide backlinks from websites that are deemed relevant.

Well, here at Searchical, we follow a completely different approach – firstoff, we hand-select the websites that we know are truly in-line with your business and therefore can be the most beneficial to your website’s backlinking efforts.

Once we have a list of potential backlink outreach websites, we contact each personally, by phone, and set up a mutually beneficial agreement by offering them value in exchange for the backlinks they would be providing.

This approach, while seemingly requiring more attention, ends up preventing us from wasting time and brings tremendous results to all of our SEO campaigns.

Why You Should Choose Searchical

At Searchical, we not only try to provide the best search engine optimisation services possible but also try to give you the best customer service in the industry.

When working with us, you will never have to worry about lock-in contracts. While other SEO companies try to lure you into long deals that you can’t easily get out of, with or without tangible results, we believe in earning your trust through results, not premature commitments.

We have complete trust in the services we provide, therefore long-term contracts are simply not required – since we know our SEO strategies work, we have the confidence that our clients will want to stay with us without the need for contracts, since we will prove to them that we are the best SEO firm in Newcastle.

So, if you’re ready to take your SEO efforts to a whole new level and enjoy a never-ending stream of hyper-targeted customers, call Searchical at 1300 899 123 NOW or fill out a form here and let us set you up with the complete SEO Newcastle package!