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“Am I going to be locked in a contract for Sydney SEO services?”

We get this cautious question all the time from weary, skeptical, shrewd business owners who have been burned time and time again by other SEO firms. Trust us, we know what it’s like: Paying month after month in a locked financial ‘agreement’, with little or no ROI to show for it.

Here at Searchical, we will treat your business how we want our own to be treated: With transparency, integrity, and a focus on your needs before anything else. You come first, and so the answer to your question will be the same we extend to all other businesses who ask us: “No, you won’t be locked into any contract with us!”

Beyond wanting to keep our communication transparent, empathetic and grounded in integrity, here at Searchical, we are simply confident that you will absolutely love the rankings and the return in ROI that we’ll achieve for you and your business, you will WANT to stay with us over the long term. We let our competitors rely on “contracts” to do business. We rely on one thing and one thing only: Results.


Most Sydney SEO firms treat Keyword Research as though it were a matter of statistics; “a game of numbers”. A big part of why we at Searchical have been commanding the levels of success and ROI for our clients that we have is because we’ve always known that Keyword Research is as much an exercise in human psychology as it is in strategizing the best keyword ranking protocols.

After all, your website is not merely ranking for crawler-generated keywords that are deemed “low hanging fruit” that “rank more easily”. In return for your investment in us, we believe you deserve much better, and much higher odds of healthy ROI for your ranked keywords. That is why we always have the end user of your website – your human traffic – in mind when we approach keyword research.

To this end, our dedicated SEO experts at the Searchical agency of our Sydney Team goes beyond utilizing the usual Keyword Search tools such as Google Analytics, Adwords, Keyword Planner, SEMrush and Webmaster Tools. We go beyond these using our proprietary Keyword Research method to create a composite profile of not only the keywords to rank for but the humans that type them in the search engines: Your market.


Here at Searchical, we do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to Sydney search engine optimisation; every website is different, and every website will have key strengths and weaknesses that will affect search engine rankings (and, ultimately, user engagement).

The site audit done by the talented Sydney Team at Searchical will, therefore, serve two purposes: First, it’s to inform you where you are at in terms of the rank-affecting improvements that need to take place, and second, it is for us to map out an “SEM strategy” that is uniquely catered for your website. Literally, no detail is spared; site architecture, content, redirects, technical issues and beyond.


Did you know that effective Onsite Optimization can often mean the difference between staying on Google’s first page and being pushed down (or off) the search results, even if the website in question has tons of back-links pointing at it? This has been observed to be true time and time again in our tests. Think of your website as a “tent”, with Google’s algorithm changes serving as the “wind” that blows up against the tent every now and again.

While by no means the only components that need to be improved upon, key onsite factors such as page title, content and site architecture all serve as the frames and the anchors of that tent (i.e. your website), adding to its security against the constant upheavals of Google’s algorithmic changes. That is why, here at Searchical, Onsite Optimization is among the first tasks we carry out (provided your website does not have bad backlinking penalties imposed on it), and we do so in a way that not only enhances optimization for the crawlers but also adds to the user experience, which is another key onsite component.


One of the core components of the online marketing intelligence we gather at Searchical to ensure smooth progress with website Google rankings is “Competition Analysis”. Effectively surveying what your website’s competitors are doing for their own search engine optimization and beating them at their own game is what has allowed us to secure SEVERAL page 1 rankings on Google’s search results, time and time again.

Best part? At Searchical, we’ve figured out a way to achieve this without raising Google’s suspicions by “Over-optimization”. This is one pitfall that we find other Sydney SEO firms easily fall into by optimizing their clients’ websites too much, too fast, opposed to just enough. Google looks at over-optimization and interprets it as an attempt to “game” its ranking protocols. Knowing what the competitors have done to rank for your coveted keywords, and doing just a little better than them, allows you to bypass this “red flag” while blowing your competitors out of the water.


Remember what we said earlier about “content” as an important component of Onsite Optimization? This particular component is so important that we’re dedicating a section to it alone. You see terms like “SEO content” are dead, and phrases like “Content is king” are obsolete. What test after test has shown to be true, however, is that it is not “content”, but “compelling content”, that is king when it comes to search engine marketing.

Why? Because Google (in particular) has not spared any effort to ensure a rich user experience for those who use its search engine. This means that websites that are still stuck in the “SEO content” paradigm, churning out weak, lifeless, boring content that looks like it was written by a non-native speaker are fast losing the rankings they’ve worked so hard to secure, paving the way for websites with content that actually provides value and positively adds to the user experience.

We at Searchical recognize this and give Google (and other search engines) what they want, by making your website’s contents (per page) meet the minimum industry standard of 1,500 words, written in compelling, informative, easily readable English by our array of enthusiastic, experienced writers.


Many business owners and even Sydney SEO agencies are content with the “visual appeal” of merely having webpages rank high in the search engines. At Searchical, we’ve seen enough business growth to recognize that simply stopping there is literally leaving piles of cash on the table!

Consider the following points for a moment:

Is the look of your website aesthetic enough to appeal to your visitors, and unique enough to make you stand out from your competition?

  • Are the calls-to-action compelling and powerful enough?
  • Does the sales and purchase “funnel” of your website follow a clear, smooth transition from the “add to cart” button to the Confirmation page?
  • With more and more visitors using mobile phones to browse the internet, has your website design taken mobile-friendliness into account?
  • Are the relevant contact details of your website or your business within reach?
  • Are those contact details up to date enough to ensure you are easily within reach should your visitors have issues?


Every single one of these factors will affect the health of the ROI that your business is going to generate from your website’s high ranks in the Search Results. This is why, at Searchical, we pay very close attention to them as a crucial part of “Onsite Optimization”. After all, achieving high ranks is meaningless if your business is not generating a proportionate rise in business!

Most importantly, this going beyond making sure you are getting your money’s worth for your SEO investment. Increasingly, Google looks at visitor engagement, in addition to visitor stay, in order to determine the relevance of your website. In other words, are your website visitors engaged enough to click buttons, visit internal links, leave comments or share content?

All the above – and other factors in “Conversion Optimization” – are important considerations in determining the SEO strategy we end up implementing for your website.


Looking at a bunch of website statistics outlining the number of visitors per month is one thing. But using those numbers to extract key insights into visitor behaviour is another. This is what allows us to create not only effective SEO ranking strategies that increase website visits but also plan out ways to improve conversions to make all that traffic worthwhile.
To that end, Google Analytics (provided by Google) is such a useful tool that ensuring that it is installed on your website is among the very first tasks we make sure is taken care of. If you do not have it installed, or do not have log-in access to it, we take care of that too so you don’t have to. In ensuring an effective Sydney digital marketing strategy, it’s one tool we simply won’t overlook.


Much of an effective SEO strategy involves keeping a close tap on timely detection of SEO-affecting errors, and correcting them before the next crawler visit, well ahead of time, as well as other important tasks such as sitemap submission. And now, we have a very useful all-in-one tool provided generously by Google itself to make all these tasks manageable from one place.


All other conditions being equal (great Onsite Optimization, great content, URL age, and so on), what would cause one website to easily beat another in the search results? Simple: Backlinks.

This is why backlinks are considered the “ace up the sleeve” of website ranking strategies; the “Holy Grail” of SEO, and that is why SEO firms expend so much effort, time and money generating them for their clients.

So what are backlinks? They are – as their names suggest – links from other websites to your own website, and the search engines (especially Google) look at them as “votes” for your website and use them as indicators of relevance to the search terms you wish to have your website ranked.

There is one important caveat, though: Not all backlinks are created equal. Some literally have the power to rank your website overnight, while others can have you heavily penalized. At Searchical, we’ve perfected some highly potent methods of generating these rank-producing backlinks.

The list of backlinking methods below are by no means comprehensive, but reading them will give you a better idea of how we approach backlinking, and what makes us different in this mission-critical area from other SEO firms.


Often considered the “black sheep” of backlinks, typically, many SEO firms avoid utilizing backlinks from directory listings.
Nonetheless, at Searchical we’ve been in this game long enough and have done enough tests to recognize the strength backlinks from niche directory listings can lend to any comprehensive link-building strategy.

So, what are local niche directory backlinks? Think Yellow Pages, True Local, Yelp (among others). Beyond simply giving your potential clients another place to hear about your business, allowing you to cast a wider net, Google has recognized that these are search places for visitors who use them in search for solutions. That is why the recent “Pigeon” update is set to improve the strength of these sites in the search rankings.

The best part is, creating backlinks for local niche directories actually takes a lot less effort and time compared to other methods of backlinking, despite the rank-producing punch they can pack!


Over the course of many years, we at Searchical have developed a Rolodex of extremely competent and experienced group of content providers that make full use of their skills to create content web owners absolutely love and will gladly use in exchange for backlinks.

Traditionally, this has been a painstaking process of generating powerful backlinks, as you were required to hire writers (and meme designers) that could create the sort of content that was high-quality enough to incentivize backlinking from web owners’ websites.
And sure enough, it took us years to streamline the hiring, creating and webmaster-contacting process. We’ve done all that and learned of the pitfalls so you don’t have to, allowing your website to enjoy potent backlinks for rapid ranks from the get-go!


This is one of the most powerful, and ironically one of the most abused methods of generating backlinks to a website for faster rankings. We say “abused” because, as we observed, many SEO firms that rightly recognize the value of these sorts of backlinks start taking on a “shotgun” approach, sending out hundreds of emails begging for backlinks in the futile hope for a response.

Here at Searchical, as with everything else, we go about doing this differently (and more successfully). Before asking for a backlink, we make sure that the request is made from websites that are carefully selected for their quality, credibility, and relevance in the eyes of the search engines. Next, we provide them with value first, before ever asking for a back-link to your website. That is why our success rates with this powerful method are much higher than average, and we intend to keep it that way for your own SEO needs.

One of the most enduring factors that contribute to Searchical’s ongoing success is our ability to accurately assess the work that uniquely needs to go into ranking each keyword. Through taking this approach with literally tens of thousands of keywords spanning hundreds of markets, we’ve come to recognise that a “once size fits all” approach to SEO simply does not exist.

Every market is different, and similarly, every search term within a market is different in terms of ranking difficulty and competition. While other SEO firms tend to use a “shotgun” approach to executing a search engine optimisation Sydney campaign, at Searchical we take a sniper approach, zooming in on the unique requirements of each search term for rapid, secure placements at the top of the search results.

It is through this exacting approach to Search Engine Optimization – and our commitment to transparent, open communication and business integrity – that we’ve been able to enjoy our status as one of Australia’s premier, most successful SEO firms. So what are you waiting for? Send us an email or pick up the phone and call us as the first step to the start of a new chapter in your success as a recognized, top brand in your industry, with us at Searchical helping you every step of the way!


At Searchical, we don’t just give you exceptional results with the search engine rankings and increases in website traffic. We give you the peace of mind as we make progress! We do this by being transparent and open with you on the tasks that were carried out month after month, and the results that were achieved implementing them for your website in terms of their search engine rankings and increased traffic.

Beyond that, we also give you an outline of the upcoming tasks we’ll plan out for the coming month to improve upon the previous months’ results even more! All this will be outlined in reports that we generate and send you at the end of each month, along with general stats on current traffic and ranking placements.

Many of Sydney’s businesses cite this commitment to keeping our clients in the loop as one of the reasons they stay with us over the long haul. We don’t just treat them like “clients”, but as business partners, and your business will be no exception.

In addition, this is accompanied by what is planned for the following months’ work, as well as a complete ranking and traffic report. We find that this is particularly useful for clients who want to sell their “virtual real estate” or who are in the website flipping industry, and therefore heavily rely on traffic numbers to justify their asking price.

So if you’re looking for the best SEO Sydney services and are looking to take your marketing efforts to the next level, call 1300 899 123 NOW or fill out a form here and let us set you up with the best individual SEO strategy for your needs!