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“Successful Companies Are Successful Because They Invest In Marketing”

Iman Bahrani
Founder & Director

  • Award-Winning SEO & Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Local Business Growth Expert
  • E-commerce Specialist
  • World’s 1st Crypto SEO

With well over a decade of experience as a Digital Marketing, SEO, and business consulting veteran, Iman Bahrani has kept his finger on a deep pulse of what it means to achieve maximum brand awareness and online impact, with experiences ranging from successful search engine optimization to effective social media campaigns. With clients that included ASX listed companies and some of the most recognized brand names as well as small-to-medium businesses across Australia, US, Canada, and UK, it was only a matter of time before Iman founded Searchical, Australia’s premier SEO company.

Searchical evolved from an earlier incarnation: SEO Leads, that saw Iman Bahrani as the managing director of the firm as he took it from strength to strength and integrated the full range of Google’s algorithmic changes to achieve maximum success for his clients.

”Searchical” is the next phase in the evolution of Iman’s experience, utilising the talent of some of the hardest working, brightest and most progressive SEO minds, time and again producing quantifiable and measurable traffic and revenue growth as a result of ethical ‘white hat’ SEO activities undertaken across search engines including Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Bing.

Searchical employs talent with an absolute minimum of five years’ experience in their respective fields, and a proven track record of a working experience in a collaborative, team-work setting. As a result, Searchical’s dynamic work infrastructure allows for amazing SEO results within a short timeframe as the team works together, under the guidance of Iman, towards one goal…to significantly improve the ROI of the client at the lowest cost and in the fastest possible time.

SEO is our passion and we live and breathe it every day keeping abreast of all the latest online developments and the ‘next best’ technology trend, making sure we test things out before our competition does. We only employ tried and tested methodologies and test it on our own test sites first. Only once the strategy is proven to work do we implement on client websites.

Here at Searchical, our team looks forward to working with you and catapult your website to better search engine rankings. Your online success with Australia’s leading SEO and digital marketing company starts here!