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Canberra SEO Services

In a growingly competitive market, SEO Canberra can be a great tool for businesses to gain visibility online and grow their business.

In fact, according to a report by BIA/Kesley, a staggering 97% of users research local products and services online. So, businesses all over Australia are quickly realising that establishing a strong online presence is no longer optional – it’s paramount for any company that wants to survive and not fall far behind the competition.

Unfortunately, while there is an abundance of self-proclaimed SEO experts, only a few of them can actually live up to their claims. With Google and other search engines clamping down on SEO tricks to improve the user experience, only the tried and trusted search engine optimisation Canberra strategies will be able to bring any feasible long-term results.

But How to Choose a Reliable SEO Company?

While there are many factors that determine the merits of an SEO strategy, it always boils down to a few essential elements that any coherent SEO strategy must possess.

Keyword Research

For any SEO strategy to have a chance of success, it requires thorough and in-depth keyword research. After all, the initial research is the time to discover the actual landscape of the Google rankings for particular keywords and find out what are the options for becoming visible in the search engine results.

Therefore, any company that takes Canberra SEO services seriously and knows what it’s doing will take keyword research very seriously.

It’s the part of the SEO campaign where not only the main areas of focus will be determined, but where the entire foundation of the strategy will be laid out, which will be followed for months, if not years, to come.

Another keyword research aspect that’s no less important is the SEO opportunities that present themselves only after the due diligent work has been done. Once the main keywords in an industry have been discovered and researched, less obvious options for keywords are going to become apparent as well.

These are the keywords that have not yet been discovered by most of the competition, therefore it’s much easier to rank for them. At the beginning of SEO campaigns, these are essential to start seeing quicker results and gaining access to new segments of the market that would otherwise be unattainable.

Onsite Optimisation

Another essential aspect of any SEO strategy is onsite optimisation – without it, even the best research in the world won’t be able to save the campaign.

Google and other search engines continue to emphasise the importance of providing a seamless and convenient experience to website visitors, no matter if they are on desktop, mobile or any other device. That means that a website has to be mobile-friendly, easy to use and intuitive, otherwise it will get penalised and suffer in the rankings.

It’s also very important to make it easy for search engines to understand what the website is about using keywords, clear meta titles and convenient navigation.

We’re always shocked how quickly a website can skyrocket in the search engine rankings when it is optimised properly – if there’s one thing that Google values more than any anything else, it’s the experience that a website is able to provide for its visitors.

We will revamp your website in a way that will make it meet the highest standards of Google and fast track it’s path to the top of the search engine rankings.

Quality Content

Not too long ago, creating content for SEO purposes meant stuffing website pages with as many keywords as possible and trying to trick the search engines into thinking the page was relevant. And the shocking thing is that, some time ago, this would actually work.

Luckily, at least for the users and legitimate SEO companies like Searchical, those days are in the past. Google has made huge strides with its algorithms and now has the ability to clearly distinguish between actual content meant for humans and keyword-stuffed drivel that has only one purpose – to trick the search engines.

That’s why we pride ourselves in producing content that strives to not only get recognised by search engines, but to provide value and useful information to the readers. This works great because it helps the website pages gain points in the eyes of the search engines, but it’s also invaluable because this way your website is actually useful to your prospects, meaning higher conversion rates and a growing authority status in your industry.

One of the most complex and difficult parts of SEO is link building. The approaches used by SEO companies have changed throughout the years, but recent Google updates have put the importance of quality and relevance in front of quantity.

In fact, thousands of low-quality irrelevant backlinks today can be worth much less than one targeted backlink from a trusted website that is significant in the industry.

This kind of shift has put a lot of formerly successful SEO companies out of business, but it also helped many others rise up because of solid and long-termoriented strategies.

At Searchical, we believe that quality is always more important than quantity, and therefore take a hands-on approach when trying to attain every single backlink. Our strategy can be boiled down to three main backlink generation approaches that we believe form the best chances of quick and long-lasting SEO results.

1. Local Niche Directories

While directories might have a bad rep because of associations with mass-submission backlink approaches, we have found them to be very effective when combined with other backlink strategies.

After all, directories, when targeted to a specific niche, are basically digitalised versions of the yellow pages, where customers often search for services or products.

Google has recognised this as well, making directory listings a more prominent part of their SEO guidelines. This trend is only set to continue in the coming years, so it will be an important aspect of any successful backlinks strategy.

Another reason why it’s a good idea to have directory listings for your business is that you get an additional platform where your potential customers can find you, which is always very beneficial.

2. Content Marketing

As mentioned before, content is one of the most important aspects ofCanberra search engine optimisation, and we have the writers that are up to the task. And the best part is, top-shelf content can also be used to generate invaluable backlinks to your website.

Authority blogs and websites in your industry are constantly looking for ways to provide knowledge and value to their readers and would be more than happy to exchange that top-quality backlink to your website for an in-depth article, video or infographic.

At Searchical, we have a team of writers that will generate a complete content strategy for your business and help get your content published on various authority sites in the niche.

This has a far bigger positive effect on your business than just SEO. Your business will gain recognition online as an authority source in your field, which will manifest itself in yet another stream of new leads from the SEO Canberra campaign.

While backlink outreach might be the most popular backlink generation approach out there, it can only bring maximum results when it’s done the right way. And the right way once again means putting quality over quantity every time.

Many SEM companies try to target thousands of potential backlink sources with generic requests, but we take a completely different approach.

After hand-selecting the most relevant and prominent potential backlink sources, we call every single one and provide tangible value beforehand, making it that much easier to attain the backlinks afterward.

While our approach might generate fewer backlinks in total, but the quality of them highly outweighs any number of poor quality backlinks that might be attained otherwise.

4. Consistent Strategy Implementation

Even a great search engine optimisation strategy is doomed to fail if it is not given a chance to succeed. Therefore, when looking for an SEO company, you should make sure it is able to follow through with the plan without jumping from one approach to another.

At Searchical, our years of experience has allowed us to develop a very effective SEO strategy that we follow with each and every client. Therefore, as each step of the strategy builds on the previous one, the results start to appear quicker.

We have a track record of success with a long list of clients, and that’s one of the main things that separates Searchical from other Canberra SEO companies – we have a clear plan for SEO success and a track record that can prove its effectiveness.

Why You Should Choose Searchical SEO Services

When you choose Searchical search engine marketing services, you can be sure that you’re leaving your online presence in the hands of a company that has brought real, tangible results to numerous businesses throughout the year.

Our team at Searchical is always striving to improve its service and take it a notch higher than our competition. Here are just a few things you can expect when working with us:

1.No Lock-In Contracts

One of the biggest fears of many businesses considering Canberra digital marketing campaigns is being tied down to long-term contracts that become a never-ending financial burden.

The good news is, at Searchical, you will never have to worry about contracts forcing you to pay a monthly fee. We are so confident in the services we provide that our Canberra SEO services come with no strings attached – you do not have to stay with our company if for any reason you should decide our services are not up to your standards.

However, we are able to offer this option because we have huge confidence in the quality of the services that we offer. Our track record of success allows us to know that we will make your search engine optimisation campaign a success, and therefore the only incentive we need for you to stay with us is the results that we can deliver month after month.

2. Extensive Monthly Report

Every business wants to stay informed on how their SEO Canberra campaign is progressing. Unfortunately, many SEO agenciese provide only generic and dry numbers, without any context or explanation of what the campaign is accomplishing.

At Searchical, we believe in keeping our clients in the loop, and we want to give as much information as possible so that you always know exactly how your search engine rankings are improving.

Every month, our clients receive a detailed report on what was done throughout the last month, how it affected the rankings for individual keywords, and how many leads were achieved using ouronline marketing approaches.

In addition, every report contains a description of the planned steps for next month, so you can always know in which direction your campaign is going and have a clear idea how your presence online is growing.

3. Diverse Experience

Finally, we, as a Canberra SEO agency, can confidently stand behind our services because we’ve dealt with clients in dozens of industries and were able to achieve great results in all of them.

Therefore, no matter what industry your business might be in, you can rest assured that we will know exactly how to approach the development of your SEO strategy, and how to bring you the quickest results possible.

Our entire team has worked with businesses from many different fields and therefore no adjustment period is required, no matter what field your business might be in!

So, if you’re ready to allow the best SEO firm in Canberra to establish a strong online presence for your business, that brings you a stream of new clients for years to come, call 1300 899 123 NOW or fill out a form here and let us set you up with the most comprehensive SEO Canberra package on the market!