Medical Search Engine Optimisation

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Medical SEO as an online marketing strategy is still something many medical practices seem hesitant to use – paid advertising seems like a safer bet, but that can often be based on misconceptions of how healthcare SEO works.

Consider this staggering number: According to Google, one out of every twenty inquiries on the search engine is for health related information.

When you realise how huge the search volume is each day, it becomes clear that people are now looking for solutions to their health problems online more than ever. Whether it’s looking for information on a condition, researching illnesses, confirming their diagnosis or simply looking for a healthcare provider, search engines have become the main tool for finding answers.

That means that competition for healthcare providers is as steep as ever – paid advertising online required extensive testing and tweaking in order to be profitable, and even then it’s not a stable lead-generation approach.

Another problem with paid advertising is that people are generally a lot more suspicious when they see “suggested’ ads, especially for a medical establishment.

But what are the alternatives for pharmaceuticals marketing that can be utilised on a limited budget, implemented relatively quickly and be sustainable long-term?

The answer many have found to be effective is healthcare SEO.

How Medical SEO Can Bring You New Patients

With the ever increasing demand for providing medical information and services online, now is a great time to become visible in the Google rankings for your local relevant keywords.

One of the best things about SEO is that people are naturally inclined to trust Google search engine results when looking for solutions to their problems.

That means that if you rank high for targeted keywords, your medical practice instantly gains authority status among your completion.

And sometimes that little edge can mean attracting the large chunks of the leads looking for your services.

Why Medical SEO is So Effective

Perhaps the biggest power of an effective SEO marketing strategy lies with being able to leverage the local authority status of ranking in cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. These are some of the biggest markets in Australia, therefore ranking for them can be a great way to expand your reach as a medical practice.

Another reason why it works so well also utilises the trust factor of ranking high for relevant keywords. When people are looking online for solutions, they don’t need to be sold on committing.

If your medical practice can simply get in front of this audience that’s actively looking for services or solutions, no additional convincing or selling will usually be required.

Now, it must be said that the competition can be tough for these kinds of keywords, but with the help of a competent SEO company and a consistent medical equipment marketing plan, seeing results becomes only a matter of time.

Finally, unlike most other lead generation approaches, SEO can produce a consistent stream of new leads day in and day out. Once rankings for keywords is reached, the flow of new leads is stable and rarely fluctuating.

And the best part is, that once the initial work of research and SEO optimisation is achieved by the SEO services provider, it is relatively easy to maintain and build on the rankings, so the cost-per-lead gets lower with each month.

The Importance of SEO for Healthcare

It’s hard to argue against the numerous benefits SEO can bring to any medical practice or pharmaceutical business.

Being visible online is now more important than ever, and medical SEO is the most cost-effective and reliable long-term solution available.

Many medical practices have seen their client list grow exponentially month after month, simply by having a solid SEO strategy that brought in consistent leads.

So,if you’re eager to grow your practice and develop a reliable SEO strategy, call 1300 899 123 NOW or fill out a form here and let us help you stand out from all your competition online!