Search Engine Optimisation For Cosmetic Surgeons

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Why Cosmetic Surgery SEO Can Become Your Best Marketing Strategy

According to research by the American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, 57% of potential cosmetic surgery patients do most or all of their research on the subject online. This is no different to Australia, UK or other countries!

While cosmetic surgery marketing has many different approaches, both online and offline, this research proves that the majority of potential patients find their solutions with the help of search engines, namely Google.

This means that in order to not lose all of these potential clients to the competitors, you simply have to be visible to the search engines as well.

That’s why cosmetic surgery SEO is no longer just a supplementary strategy to grow your client list. In order to survive in competitive markets such as Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and others in Australia, cosmetic surgery Search Engine Optimisation must become a cornerstone of your marketing efforts.

The good news is that while online marketing for cosmetic surgeons has become quite competitive, there are always opportunities to establish your presence online using tried and tested SEO strategies.

There Are No Shortcuts in SEO

While there may be little question as to whether SEO is the right cosmetic surgery marketing strategy, finding a strategy that is actually capable of bringing consistent results is not as easy.

The main problem is that there’s a lot of misinformation floating around online regarding cosmetic surgery SEO, which can confuse and even mislead many cosmetic surgeons seeking to improve their Google rankings.

Shady SEO companies promise quick and easy solutions for unrealistically low prices, only to bring little to no results when actually hired. These companies try to ‘trick’ search engines into ranking a website using cheats and black hat techniques, but Google is always at least a few steps ahead, quickly punishing these tactics by an unforgiving drop in the rankings.

So, if you don’t want to waste time and money with SEO strategies that don’t have any long-term potential, you’re better off sticking to the real professionals in the industry – companies that have been providing SEO services for years, have testimonials and reliable approaches to prove their strategies work and can offer you a plan that will help you reap results for years to come.

The Essentials of a Comprehensive SEO Strategy

There are clear and specific things you need to look for when searching for a reliable search engine optimisation services provider. Here are five essentials that make any SEO strategy a sound one, and you should base your decision largely on which SEO services providers utilise these approaches the most.

1. In-Depth Research

If you want your SEO efforts to bring any results, there’s no going around the fact that research plays in the ultimate success of the campaign.

With the competition in most markets getting tougher every day, the ones that succeed are usually those that spend the most time gathering and analysing data to make informed decisions on how to approach a campaign.

This includes a comprehensive keyword strategy that analyses what the competition is ranking for, which keywords are the most valuable in terms of target audience and volume of traffic, as well as trying to find hidden ‘gem’ keywords that have yet to become overly competitive, but have tremendous potential to consistently bring in new customers.

While many companies promise extensive keyword and competitor research, only a few actually deliver. The important thing to remember is that research is a continuous process – it doesn’t end at the initial phase of the campaign but is rather compiled and refined throughout to stay ahead of the competition.

2. High-Quality Content

Long gone are the days when you could scrape together a few keyword-stuffed articles, spin them to make them seem unique to search engines and see your website quickly climb in the rankings.

Right now, quality has become the most important aspect of the digital marketing program.

Producing content that is not only readable, but actually informative and useful to the target audience is the only way to gain thetrust of the search engines, and, ultimately, gain rankings for the desired key phrases.

In the end, this is good for your cosmetic surgery practice as well – providing useful, unique and in-depth information only helps to build trust in the eyes of your audience and make their decision to choose your services an easier one.

3. Trustworthy Backlinks Strategy

Just as with low-quality content, poor backlinks will not have any positive effect on your rankings. So the old days, when SEO companies could make up for the quality of their backlinks with sheer quantity, are over and are never coming back.

However, if you create top-shelf content, there are better opportunities than ever to stand out from the crowd and rise in the rankings quickly.

Something that gets shared and published in respected and relevant websites will quickly be reflected in Google’s rankings of your website.

While it does take time, a consistent effort in making sure your content appears in the right places can help you establish an authority status in your industry relatively quickly.

4. Up-to-Date On-Site Optimisation

Nowadays, Google and other search engines are all about the user experience, so it’s imperative to make sure that all of your website visitors, no matter what kind of a device they might be using, have a good experience.

Therefore, responsive design, convenient layout, and easily accessible relevant information are all essential cogs in making Google happy, which in turn gets your website marked as mobile-friendly.

There was a big deal made out of the so-called ‘Mobilegeddon’, a Google update that penalised websites that were not convenient to view on mobile devices. However, as it turned out, this update has made the internet a much more convenient place for everyone, and websites quickly adjusted to the changes.

Other important aspects of website optimisation are making sure the keywords are clearly defined in the content and title tags and a proper URL structure. However, all of these come down to consistency – a single, clearly defined subject that is established and maintained so that both the reader and the search engines have an instant understanding of what the page is about.

5. Long-Term Strategy

Finally, you can’t expect to see big results from SEO if your services provider does not have a big-picture type long-term strategy for how to grow your presence in search engine rankings.

Understanding all of the aforementioned aspects is very important, but the ability to put them together and form a coherent plan to follow consistently is where it get tricky, as it requires the expertise and experience of a professional SEO company to accomplish.

Luckily, when such strategy is in place, you can rest assured that your cosmetic surgery practice will continue to see great results from SEO, with the potential of growth year after year.

SEO Is More Powerful than Ever

While it may seem that SEO is getting more competitive and more complex every year, that does not mean that there aren’t great opportunities for those that are willing to put in the work.

In the hands of a professional SEO company, search engine optimisation can become a tool more powerful than ever before, helping to take your marketing to the next level.

So,if you’re ready to have an everlasting stream of new clients using cutting-edge cosmetic surgery SEO strategies, call 1300 899 123 NOW or fill out a form here and let us help you revitalise your cosmetic surgery marketing today!