Why SEO Is Better Than PPC

Why SEO Is Better Than PPC

SEO is an effective medium to long-term method to generate website traffic and revenue at a lower cost than PPC. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, but in most cases, you should combine them for the best results. While PPC targets highly competitive keywords, SEO targets low to high competition keywords that continue to return results on a compounding basis.

1. SEO is more cost-effective

When comparing the costs of SEO and PPC, SEO is a much cheaper option. While PPC ads are great for established businesses and venture-funded organizations, their cost per click is relatively high and continue to get more expensive. The upside of SEO is that you will only have to pay up to your monthly budget. As a bonus, you’ll be able to enjoy much stronger organic traffic that doesn’t require a big investment upfront in most cases.

SEO will also give you longer-term results. Additionally, SEO will target every phase of the sales funnel, which helps you engage customers early in their buying journey.

SEO VS PPC Traffic Analysis

Although SEO is generally cheaper than PPC, getting a high rank on search engines can take months. The amount of time needed to achieve that goal depends on how competitive your industry is. However, the revenue generated by both SEO and PPC outweighs the costs associated with them. Ultimately, SEO is a better option for your website.

SEO is also more sustainable than PPC. Unlike PPC, the results you get from SEO will last long after the PPC campaign is over. In contrast, PPC is fickle, and once you stop paying it, the results will cease.

2. SEO generates more clicks

When it comes to online marketing, it is often difficult to decide which to use – SEO or PPC. Both strategies are meant to increase brand visibility, drive more traffic, and boost sales. However, there are some situations where one method will work better than the other. The best solution for your business will depend on your goals and current budget.

While both methods have their advantages, SEO is the more sustainable solution and will not require constant adjustment to your marketing budget. PPC, on the other hand, is a faster way to get results, and it gives you real-time analytics of your campaigns. This lets you determine which of your campaigns are working and which ones are not. It also allows you to make changes immediately based on the results. Additionally, SEO generates more traffic than PPC.

SEO Generates More Clicks

Organic searches receive an average of 8.5 clicks for every one paid search. Organic searches can capture up to 40% of revenue, while paid ads only get 4%. However, if your website is too small for SEO, PPC can be a viable option. You can also combine SEO and PPC for a more effective marketing strategy.

3. Top ranking websites are seen as the authority

In addition to driving traffic, SEO is also beneficial in building brand awareness. It helps you position yourself as an expert in your field. This is essential in today’s digital world. Keywords are still a crucial SEO technique, but they need to be carefully chosen and used wisely.

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