16 11, 2017

What Are Some Helpful Tools for Optimizing Your Website


Website optimization has become increasingly simplified. To help people involved in search engine optimization (SEO), numerous websites and companies have developed useful tools that speed up the process and minimize the effort that a professional has to put in it. A large number of website optimization tools are available online for free. Their aim is [...]

20 10, 2017

Why Your Boring Blog Post Titles Are Costing You Money (And How To Change That)


Fifteen years ago blogs were little more than online diaries, often with a readership which consisted of your family and a few friends. Now they are a thriving industry, some with a readership of millions. Many popular blogs are run by one or more avid writers, who enjoy their craft and lovingly pour their heart [...]

28 11, 2016

7 Questions To Ask Before Hiring An SEO Company


Many business owners understand the importance of having a professional SEO company on your side, but don't know how to go about finding the right fit. Outstanding agencies won't be offended when you ask questions: they'll welcome it. This gives them a chance to shine compared to the competition, to brag about their past successes, [...]

21 11, 2016

10 Mistakes That Will Sink Your SEO Campaign Like a Stone


Despite the large amount of information online about how to rank a website safely using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it's amazing how many websites are making simple mistakes that are costing them dearly. While there are over 200 different factors that go into how Google ranks a website, some are more heavily weighed than others. [...]

28 09, 2016

Why You Should Walk (or Run) Away From Cheap SEO Services


Managing the marketing budget effectively is one of the main requirements for a business to be successful - companies that spend their ad money wisely are bound to ultimately gain an edge over the competition. However, being smart about spending money on marketing does not mean simply looking for the cheapest option, but unfortunately, that’s [...]

7 09, 2016

Top 10 SEO Tools That Will Be BIG in 2017


These days, it’s no longer possible to run extensive SEO campaigns with the help of the Google Keyword Tool only. There are so many powerful tools available that make an in-depth analysis of data easier than ever, that those who don’t use them immediately face an uphill battle trying to keep up with the competition [...]

29 08, 2016

Everything You Wanted to Know About SEO but Were Too Embarrassed to Ask


As the great Peter Drucker, often hailed as the founder or modern management, has once said that business has only two functions – marketing and innovation. The statement, while bald, holds true to this day. However, while all companies, big or small, do allocate time and money to their marketing efforts, what exactly constitutes ‘effective [...]

16 11, 2015

Top 100 Interesting, Fun & Bizarre Internet Facts


Treading down the memory lane you can say that the Internet has been through one hell of a roller coaster ride. Its journey up to this point has had so many ups and downs, enough to give the Kardashians a run for their money. From the very humble beginnings, where the likes of Mr. Bill [...]