What Are Some Helpful Tools for Optimizing Your Website

What Are Some Helpful Tools for Optimizing Your Website

Website optimization has become increasingly simplified. To help people involved in search engine optimization (SEO), numerous websites and companies have developed useful tools that speed up the process and minimize the effort that a professional has to put in it.

A large number of website optimization tools are available online for free. Their aim is to inspect the current condition of a website, to suggest improvements or to automatically perform tasks that a human will have difficulty coping with alone. This article will list some of the most useful website optimization tools and their main functions.

Keyword Analysis Tools

Everyone dealing with SEO knows the importance of keywords and the proper selection of keywords and keyphrases to generally represent a website and to optimize each individual piece of content. Keyword analysis tools suggest the best combination of words for a specific topic. Further, these tools show how popular each phrase is among readers and how many websites are competing to rank well for it.

The inclusion of proper keywords will guarantee that your website will rank well in search engine results for a specific topic. Thus, keyword analysis tools are something that each SEO expert should be vastly familiar with.

Link Analysis Tools

Another important aspect of SEO is backlinking. Links from other websites are part of the optimization strategy. Following how your website is being linked can be cumbersome without the usage of a proper tool. Link analysis tools can easily generate lists of links coming from other websites, as well as lists of internal links which connect one piece of content on the website to another.

The information that link analysis tools provide can help a webmaster generate a strategy for increasing the popularity of a website and for increasing the cooperation with specific other websites. Backlinks are just as important as keywords. Having an adequate idea of what is going on will help you have an adequate idea about the situation and the manner in which you can modify your SEO strategy.

Search Engine Crawler Simulators

Search engine crawlers (or spiders) are the ones responsible for indexing a website and its content. Naturally, a search engine spider sees a website in a very different way from a human. What matters is that the crawler has access to numerous pages. Internal links and good navigation are very important so that a spider is able to move from one website page to another.

Search engine spider simulators demonstrate the manner in which crawlers ‘see’ a website. They can help webmasters pinpoint weaknesses and fix those. A general rule of thumb is that the homepage should provide easy access to all category pages. A category page must have many links to specific articles.

Website Diagnostic Tools

Numerous general website diagnosis tools are available for the needs of webmasters. These tools go through the code of the website, determining whether any errors or faulty pieces of code can hinder the good indexing of the website. These tools take into consideration numerous factors among which code, load time, broken links and other potentially threatening mistakes.

Once the diagnosis is performed, a webmaster can decide what should be fixed and whether the code can be changed to make the website load faster and get indexed better in search engine results.

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