SEO vs. SEM vs. PPC

SEO vs. SEM vs. PPC

SEO vs. SEM vs. PPC
Which Is The Best Option For Your Business?

According to the current market trends, web search has become the most powerful tool. Every day people are using search engines to learn, find solutions and understand the world around them. All these comes down to SEO vs. SEM vs. PPC, and whether they are best for your business. If you are the business owner, chances are that people are actively looking for your services or products.

Mid-2007, it was reported that the number of daily searches worldwide increased to 6 billion. Well, unlike other technologies, the search is growing fast. This means bigger opportunities for businesses to reach out to their targeted audience.

Majority of businesses are fully aware that search engines can drive large numbers of traffic to their website. Furthermore, it is not only traffic but traffic that actually converts to paying customers or leads. So, which is the best for your business? This is the million-dollar question.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – What Is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation, and it is related to organic results. Search engine optimisation is the process of which is used to make a website user-friendly. It includes both quality and technical aspects. Google is believed to use over 200 criteria that decide which websites belong at the top of their Search engine result page (SERP) in any given keyword.

Even though SEO is free, the process of optimising may cost you money. This will mainly depend on the competitiveness of the market you are targeting. The main goal of Search engine optimisation is to redirect traffic to your website. However, optimising with the aim of receiving targeted organic visitors is just but one part of the job. The other is to receive your targeted traffic in large numbers, through multiple related keywords.

How Businesses Benefit From SEO

The work of SEO is simply to drive relevant traffic to your website. You have to put a lot of effort to convert the traffic into leads or paying customers. For example, let’s assume that you have a website that sells shoes. For you to get them bought, you need people looking for shoes. Through SEO Brisbane businesses will get a lot of traffic or people who are interested.

Therefore, we can say that SEO is like a store-front, which is practically used to attract potential customers.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) – What Is SEM?

SEM is an abbreviation of Search engine marketing, and it mostly refers to the paid search. This technique generally includes generating traffic from other sources through content marketing, social media marketing and even pay per click campaigns. Because this technique is not organic, paid traffic is expected to create more on-side interactions for your website to be rated on Google.

Unlike SEO, SEM does not take as much time to see changes. In other words, SEM position you in the Ad slot, which is above the position one website. Through SEM, you will essentially be paying to show your ads to users who are actively search for the keyword you are targeted in. Through this technique, you do not need high website authority to show up on the first page of the search engine.

How Businesses benefit From SEM

SEM aims at helping the advertiser to gain visibility in the search engine result page and drive them to the website all without having to wait. SEM is considered as a shortcut to getting traffic from a SERP. To be successful in SEM, one has to have a strong dynamic SEM strategy, that will turn into an investment.

SEM helps business to gain traffic directly, and the traffic is ready to convert. For example, assuming that you sell shoes and your store is relatively new or targeting to increases sales. You can take advantage of billboards to direct people to your store. The billboard is a representation of SEM when it comes to Online business.

PPC (Pay-per-Click) – What Is PPC?

PPC is an acronym for Pay-Per-Click, and it is an advertisement technique. It is a format in which ads are bought on the main search engines. Generally, you are required to pay for every click that comes through your website, no matter the conversion.

How Businesses benefit From PPC

Basically, PPC is an approach of buying visitors to your website, rather than working hard to gain them organically. SEM is also a form of PPC, giving advertisers with an opportunity to bid for ad placement in the search engine sponsored link. AdWords is also a form of PPC advertising system.  This technique allows website owners to create ads that will appear on Google or another related website or social media.

This is another technique used by that will drive traffic to your website from other websites.


The fact is that SEO, SEM, and PPC are important for business. They play a big role in increasing website traffic. Remember, not all websites are the same; therefore, choose a method that best suits you.

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