50 Signs You Are a Social Media Addict

50 Signs You Are a Social Media Addict


Sign #1: You check your mobile phone every few minutes for Facebook notifications, Insta likes etc.

Sign #2: You act like its the end of the world is over when you have no Internet access.

Sign #3: You think you are cool when you use words like BRB, LOL and other social media lingos.

Sign #4: You always check-in to let everyone know where you are.

Sign #5: Announcing to everyone your daily routine become a daily routine!

Sign #6: You hang out with other social media addicts.

Sign #7: You tag your friends on pictures when they are not there.

Sign #8: You use too many #hashtags

Sign #9:  You make urgent requests on Facebook for everyone to send you ‘lives’ on Candy Crush  like your life depends on it.

Sign #10: You believe you are as popular in real life as you are on social media.

Sign #11: You lose your mind when your pictures are not able to be uploaded.

Sign #12: ‘Tweets’, ‘Insta’, ‘Updates’, ‘Hashtags’ and other jargons become part of your vocab.

Sign #13: You create a Facebook account for your little dog Tinkerbell and ask everyone to like it!

Sign #14: You cannot live a day without social media.

Sign #15: You think people with no social media accounts are losers and have no friends.

Sign #16: You tell people how many friends, followers or friend requests you have.

Sign #17: You love to stalk people via Facebook.

Sign #18: You check your Facebook wall first thing in the morning before breakfast.

Sign #19: You feel proud when your picture gets a 100+ likes on Facebook.

Sign #20: You classify time spent on social media as work or “research time”.

Sign #21: You use your Twitter handle when creating profiles on online games or dating sites.

Sign #22: You get upset when nobody comments on your updates in Facebook.

Sign #23: You spend at least 4 hours a day on social media.

Sign #24: You add/accept randoms to  make up the numbers.

Sign #25: You would wake up in the middle of the night to check your social media.

Sign #26: You prefer Facebook messaging to texting.

Sign #27: You just have to take a picture of your fancy food before eating.

Sign #28: You think that the blue Twitter bird exists in real life.

Sign #29: You type “hahahahahaah” or ROFL while you are actually not even laughing out loud.

Sign #30: You start saying retarded words like “Bae”.

Sign #31: You claim that you will deactivate your Facebook, only to log back in the next day!

Sign #32: You feel upset when nobody likes your picture within the first 5 minutes.

Sign #33: You’re browsing History is filled mostly with Facebook.

Sign #34: You greet your friends  by their social media handle.

Sign #35: You SnapChat yourself doing the craziest S@#t!.

Sign #36: You like your own pictures and posts.

Sign #37: You use phrases like “Hashtag Fail” in normal conversations.

Sign #38: You go to be with your phone.

Sign #39: You post semi-nudes of yourself often and expect people to compliment you.

Sign #40: Your house is a check-in location.

Sign #41: You take ages in the toilet checking all the social media affairs.

Sign #42: You go on full-panic mode when accidentally liking someone’s post or picture.

Sign #43: You notice immediately if your number of followers, likes etc. drops.

Sign #44: You think a girls/guys have a crush on you if they like your post.

Sign #45: You haven’t had a real hobby for years.

Sign #46: You eat at restaurants based on pictures you’ve  seen on your friends wall.

Sign #47: Your posts are influenced based on how many likes or shares you think you will get.

Sign #48: You use emoticons in most of your replies.

Sign #49: Hell breaks loose when you need to check your Facebook but you can’t find your phone.

Sign #50: You Share this goat for no reason.


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